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The Competence of Licensed Tax Attorney for Tax Payer’s Issu

At the beginning of this year, the Constitutional Court or Mahkamah Konstitusi passed a resolution on taxpayer services. They mention that both advocate and other professions may be taxpayer attorney. Although licensed tax attorney is still competent for tax purposes.


Licensed Tax Attorney is Still Featured

From the results of the decision, if someone wants to become a lawyer from tax payer, then he has not necessarily from a tax consultant. Other professions including lawyers can be tax payer attorney affair

Earlier, only licensed tax attorney from tax consultant could take on this responsibility.

Many experts provide an assessment that should lawyers who take care of tax affairs should also have competence in the field of taxation. So that, it can reduce the risk of tax treatment handled by people no uncommon.

Licensed tax attorney is still needed by taxpayers. Then it should be the home work to confirm the rules so that new rules do not harm the taxpayer.


Licensed Tax Attorney in Indonesia

During this time, taxpayers attorney are also a tax consultants. He has responsible tax matters. No wonder these services are widely used by taxpayers.

Now, Indonesia accepts the ways of other countries. That is, economists and lawyers can be tax lawyers. But one thing that has to be conditioned. Tax payer attorneys should have their own certification.

So the tax affairs problem can not only be handled by tax lawyers. Nonetheless, taxpayers dealing with tax issues have to choose an already competent and experienced person.


Licensed Tax Attorney Expertise

With the new rules, taxpayers can freely appoint any economist or lawyer to arrange their tax affairs. This is important that tax payer attorney is required having Indonesian tax competence.

Licensed Tax Attorney must have:

  • Educational form for taxation
  • Tax relief
  • Tax Advice Certificate
  • Attorney’s license from the tax authorities

If all is fulfilled, then taxpayer is entitled to get tax allowance. At least, tax lawyers must have tax brevet tax law. In particular, the brevet of tax brevet course or institute..

Another thing a licensed tax attorney must has is a tax court ligation. The above requirement is sufficient to select a trusted tax adviser.


Licensed Tax Attorney from Tax Consultant

Selecting a licensed tax attorney from a trusted tax consulting service will provide many benefits. Why? Because all tax consultant liabilities are regulated by law. Then there is a clear legal rule here.

Some things that are required by licensed tax attorney and official tax consultants:

  • Compulsory to comply with existing laws and regulations
  • Services are given to the Taxpayer in order to perform the rights and obligations in taxation.
  • Following the procedures and work order within the Directorate General of Taxation (Direktorat Jenderal Pajak).
  • Following upgrading and refresher education taxation. This activity is done at least once a year.

The presence of a certified tax lawyer from a tax consultant is a testament to the competence of a lawyer. Especially is to take care of any tax issues.

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