Tax Compliance Services

We shall be pleased to assist in complaince tax reports in the form of period income tax return (SPT Masa PPh) and Period VAT Return (SPT Masa PPN) with details as follows:

a. Monthly Income Tax Returns (SPT Masa PPh)
 Conducting a review of the transaction and to prepare monthly income tax reports for Article 21, 23, 25, VAT and Final Income Taxes.
 Preparing and reporting them in a timely manner

b. Monthly VAT Returns (SPT Masa PPN)
 Conducting a review of an invoice of input tax and output tax invoices
 Preparing the report the calculation of Value Added Tax
 Arranging and paying the monthly VAT return and reported it in a timely manner

c. Annual Corporate Income Tax Return (SPT Tahunan PPh Badan)
 Collecting the all data and information for the purposes of Annual Corporate Tax Return.
 Arranging fiscal correction based on the company’s financial statements which have been audited
 Arranging, disbursing and reporting on Form 1771 Annual Corporate Tax Return.

d. Annual Individual Income Tax Return (SPT Tahunan PPh Orang Pribadi)
 Calculate and prepare tax returns Personal Form 1770 or 1770 S.
 Assist in the administration of Tax Article 25
 Assisting clients in tax inspection, the Tax objection and revocation TIN